Financial Accountability

Demonstrating financial accountability to our community is a core value at The Chicago Lighthouse. Read our annual reports and browse our audited financial statements to learn more.

Annual Reports

Annual Report FY2022 (Print Version)
Annual Report FY2022 (Plain Text Version)

Annual Report FY2021

Annual Report FY2020

Annual Report FY2019

Annual Report FY2018

Annual Report FY2017


Audited Financial Statements

Audit FY2022

Audit FY2021

Audit FY2020

Audit FY2019

Audit FY2018

Audit FY2017


IRS Form 990

990 FY2021

990 FY2020

990 FY2019

990 FY2018

990 FY2017


IRS Form 990T

990T FY2020

990T FY2019

990T FY2018

990T FY2017

990T FY2016


IRS Form AG990

AG990 FY2017


Chicago Lighthouse Industries

990 FY2020

990 FY2019

990 FY2018

990 FY2017

AG990 FY17

For more information, please contact:

Mark Leon
Chief Financial Officer
(312) 447-3243
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