Industrial Labelling Systems celebrates 10-year partnership with Evolabel

The former's business continues to grow with the addition of two new support team members

Industrial Labelling Systems (ILS) celebrated its tenth year as the distributor of Evolabel products in the UK and Ireland, while its business continues to grow with the addition of two new support team members.

Evolabel is a provider of print and apply systems, enabling automatic labelling in production and warehousing. Since the partnership began in 2013, its machines are distributed by ILS in North America, Europe and Australia. Food and drink, pharmaceutical and healthcare, automotive, e-commerce and logistics sectors have all benefitted from this partnership, with many businesses streamlining their labelling processes, increasing their efficiency, and maintaining product labelling standards.

ILS and Evolabel collaborated, recently, for FlexWipe Pallet labeller that operates at -28oc without the need for insulation or a heating cabinet. Recognizing the importance of a pallet labelling system that performs seamlessly even in extreme conditions, the two companies collaborated closely to verify the suitability of the Flexwipe for such demands. With the support of ILS, Evolabel conducted tests on the Flexwipe Pallet labeller within frozen containers, simulating a real cold chain environment. Throughout this two-month testing period, the team monitored the system’s functionality, ensuring the solution would work for customers operating in subzero temperatures.

As a result of this trial, ILS and Evolabel brought a pallet labelling solution to operate in the cold chain industry. With its ability to apply labels non-stop in often harsh operational environments, the FlexWipe Pallet labeller can remove employees from these conditions, increasing site safety and production efficiently. To date, ILS has deployed more than 80 FlexWipe systems in locations such as North America, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Britain, Denmark, Holland and Australia.

‘Our partnership with ILS has been integral to building sales of Evolabel machines over the past 10 years,’ said Martin Selin Dijkstra, marketing manager at Evolabel.

‘The team at ILS are partners in the truest sense, not only selling our machines but also working with us to ensure we develop what our customers want. We are delighted with the success of the first 10 years working together and look forward to the next 10 and beyond.’

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of automatic print and apply labellers, ILS operates from an 11,000sq ft facility in Middleton, near Manchester. It celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2022, with the appointment of two technical support engineers to strengthen its operations.

Chris Cheshire joins ILS having previously worked for materials handling software provider, Dematic. In addition, his experience in the use of conveyor systems will help in incorporating labelling across clients’ production lines.

Kenny Docherty brings his expertise in maintenance engineering to the business, having worked for a global food and beverage manufacturer using Evolabel’s machines for over 10 years.

Denis Brett, managing director at ILS, concluded: ‘We are immensely proud of our successful partnership with Evolabel, delivering their market leading print and apply systems across the UK, Ireland and beyond.

‘By continuing to invest in our team we will make sure that we deliver the service our partners know ILS for, and we look forward to expanding our reach and ensuring that businesses receive the best labelling technology and support.’