Screen reaches landmark of 20,000 PlateRite units sold

Screen has reached a significant milestone by shipping 20,000 units of its PlateRite computer-to-plate (CtP) recorders for printing systems.


The company initially launched its PlateRite1080 in 1995. In contrast to the then-mainstream process of outputting data onto film and then transferring it to plates, the system could print data directly onto the plates.

The new filmless approach streamlined pre-press and reduced environmental impact while promoting the digitalization of the printing process.

Following its release, the PlateRite series quickly gained the market’s trust thanks to its combination of superior output quality, high stability, and reliable support system, all backed by the Screen Group’s core image processing technologies.

Screen has also developed various ranges to meet specific customer needs and has been a leader in adopting pioneering technologies. This has seen it expand the lineup with various energy-saving models that continue to deliver the same well-known quality and productivity.

Going forward, Screen intends to continue its work as a leading manufacturer of CtP systems by promoting the automation of production lines and developing further solutions to address specific customer issues.

The company expects these initiatives to lead to the creation of products that meet diverse market needs. At the same time, the company plans to accelerate its efforts targeting the development of a sustainable society, allowing